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Our service is available to anyone who needs help finding an online lender. We will try to link you up with a lender who can offer you the type of loan you need quickly. If you still have questions about how our service works, maybe you can find the answers below.

When I am getting a personal loan, is it a problem if I have a bad credit score?

If you can look back and review how you came to have such a bad credit score, you can understand why lenders take credit scores seriously when approving loans. If your credit is bad because you didn’t make payments on time or at all, then the lender could feel at risk by approving a loan for you. At Trust Loans, we work with lenders who understand the risk but are willing to help people with all types of credit backgrounds. If you are currently in a good situation with regular income, the lender will look at you more favorably. Send us your online inquiry form and we’ll share it with a list of lenders.

Is it even possible to get a personal loan when I have bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get approved for a personal loan when you send your request to us at Trust Loans. The lenders on our list understand that people can fall into rough times in their lives and get behind with bills. For whatever reason it happened, if you can prove that you’re in a better place now and will be able to repay the loan, the lender can make a quick credit decision. If you are approved and the lender sends you an offer to sign, be very careful to make all the payments on time. When we get your request for a personal loan, we’ll share it with a special group of lenders who might be able to help you.

How can I get an online personal loan if I have bad credit – how does that work?

The way to get started is to go online with your laptop, tablet or smartphone anytime from any location where you have internet. Go to the inquiry form found on the Trust Loans website. Fill it out and submit it to us so our customer service team can help you find a lender. They’ll distribute your request for a loan to multiple lenders all at once. They will all have a chance to review your request and make an approval decision. If your inquiry is pre-approved, a lender will reach out to you with a loan offer. Then you can read the offer to decide if it’s what you want. If it is, you can sign it and get the money. If not, you don’t need to sign it. You aren’t under any obligation to sign it. If you agree and take the money, it’s yours to spend on whatever you want.

Are there ways I can improve my credit score?

Sure! The easiest and fastest way to improve your credit score is to pay off all your debt. Then, as bills come in, pay them off when they are due. If you’re not able to pay off all your debt, then at least pay off a portion of it. In addition, make sure your bills are always paid on time. If your income isn’t adequate to pay your bills, think about getting a better job, an additional job or retraining for a better-paying career. If you still need help, there are financial professionals you can reach out to for advice.

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